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The SAE archive contains more than 750 boxes of manuscript materials that include more than 700,000 individual pages. Thousands of letters are more than one hundred years old, and most of them are still folded and stored in their original envelopes. This section shares an initial sample of these (mostly) never-before-seen communications. Click below to load additional letters, or conduct a search to find something specific. Check back regularly to see what additional letters have been added.

Letter from Arthur H. Knox to William C. Levere, December 22, 1926
Letter from the Delta Beta Tau Fraternity to the Gentlemen of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, December 15, 1930
Letter from Tom Kessler to Leadership School Faculty, July 20, 1977
Telegram from Rudy Vallee, December 26, 1930
Letter from Robert C. Armstrong to Will Grimsley, April 8, 1980
Letter from John O. Moseley to Brothers, August 12, 1936
Letter from Meg Leath to Mike Chance, September 20, 1991