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For more than 150 years Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity has worked to cultivate a membership of men who are dedicated to high standards of friendship, scholarship, leadership and service. Its mission is to promote these values throughout life, not only during the college experience. Every generation of SAE men has experienced both triumphs and challenges in applying their principles to the times and communities in which they live. These experiences mirror broad trends in U.S. history and popular culture.

Like many other organizations with more than one hundred years of history, SAE has compiled a significant collection of valuable archival holdings that collectively constitute primary source evidence or the raw materials with which to tell stories from SAE's past. This site currently contains only a small fraction of the vast holdings in SAE's archive, which holds more than 4,000,000 pages! In the future, SAE hopes to digitize the entirety of its history and make it available here along with a variety of interactive features.